Facts don't lie, Sunday morning and papers

Things could be a lot worse and these two deserve our support

Somebody commented in the last post that facts don't lie and was calling for the manager to be removed and I laughed. Some people know, some people know they know and some people just don't have a clue.

I'm in one of those categories and I know there are others, but as things stand; a fact for you, we are 11th in the current form table and for a first season, I'll accept 11th - factoring in the amount of change we've had to put up with.

Nothing happens overnight. Change and development or just starting something new, takes time. Some people know this and some don't. Some people understand and can see that there is a bigger picture and some are blind to it.

It would be stupid to even entertain the possibility of getting in a new manager, when this one has only had the January transfer window, a group of players that don't want to play for him and the rest of the group having to be brought back from the 80's when it comes to the type of football they were playing.

What this manager needs now and what this manager is probably surprised he isn't getting, is the support of the Aston Villa fans. When did we become so stupid about football that we can't see what we have, right in front of us and we start thinking getting rid will be better?

When the time is right, no problems

If you've visited this site any time over the last few years, you'll know I've got no issue with saying a manager has to go and you'll also know, with the benefit of hindsight, I was right.

I started a petition to get Graham Taylor removed the second time he was in charge, I called for O'Leary to go during his second season and well, Martin O'Neill was going nowhere very soon into his third season. My point is, they'd demonstrated by then that they could not take us forward. This manager has only demonstrated that he needs more time and that it should be given.

But there will come a time when it might all change and all I can tell you is, when that time comes, I'll be saying things have to change too, but we are some time away from that and I honestly don't think it will come, because after the summer, I think you're going to be very surprised and happy with next season.

Sunday morning, late breakfast and coffee

Sorry for the above rant, but I've just started a new project and we've pencilled in June as the time when we look at how it has gone, but I know I'm a few weeks from really feeling confident with what I'm doing and I know that things don't happen instantly. Houllier is still in week three and some are making judgements. It is wrong.

So, instead, I'm just looking at the papers and I'm going to drink coffee all morning. If there is anything of interest, I'll come back to this, but I doubt there will be. I won't be surprised to see Rooney and Beckham plastered all over the papers, but apart from that, I don't expect much more today.