Faulkner begs to keep job and Lambert reluctantly agrees to stay on

So, Paul Lambert has spoken and it turns out that there was no buyer today and that he wasn't getting the sack. It actually turns out that what happened was exactly what I thought would happen.

And to some extent, Paul Lambert has also confirmed that there is no buyer on the horizon and he's even gone as far to suggest that he'll be here next season. I don't necessarily think that a bad thing and if Randy Lerner does things right, it might turn out to be a good one.

And just because he wants to sell today, it doesn't mean that he cant change his mind. Football is, as Lerner himself has confirmed, fickle. What is to say that he isn't and if things start to go well next season, he doesn't change his mind?

Paul Lambert

As everybody is aware, I met with the Chairman along with Paul and I'm determined to get on with the job of managing Aston Villa.

These circumstances are extremely challenging as the Club is for sale and as far as I know there is nothing imminent in terms of new ownership, but we're going to roll up our sleeves, prepare for the battle ahead and do our best by the Club.

The squad requires strengthening, that's self-evident, and it won't be easy within the current circumstances. But we'll look to identify players of proven quality to bring in and get ready for the start of the new season.

To the fans, my message is simple - this is your club and it's a fantastic club. Your support has made it into this.

The past two seasons have been tough and expectations, rightly, are high. But success is always built on everybody working together and the circumstances now require us all to pull together and stick together and try to galvanise ourselves for this challenge we face.

I'm determined to give it everything I have, the players will do the same and it is our collective strength as a club which, ultimately, will see us through.

This will wind some up

And I'm quite happy that it looks like he'll be here for a while longer. I really want him to get his chance next season and even though I'm going to stick by my October deadline, it's only because that really would have been plenty of time for someone that has had two years in the job to turn things around.

If he can't do it by then, then he himself will know he deserves to go. It should be football first, not just spending money and despite the opportunities, the football hasn't developed at the pace I know it can. But I also know that Lambert isn't the only one to blame.

But there is also the Paul Faulkner factor and while I was under the impression this was going to be sorted, it appears not.

Faulkner desperate not to lose job

As you know Lambert and Faulkner went to meet Lerner. They both went, because they were both out of the loop on things going on. Faulkner, knowing this also knew that his job must have been on the line. It turns out that he has done something to keep it, because there is nothing from the club saying he has gone.

And the sad part in all of this is that keeping Faulkner isn't going to help Lambert and probably not going to help Lerner. It's certainly not going to help in driving the entire Football Club forward and with morale at an "all time low" and many now pointing to Faulkner as the sole reason for this, unless things happen quickly, next season could be a disaster.

And I should probably clear up the word 'begs' in the title of the post as it might have been a little strong because only Lambert knows if he begged, but I have to tell you that I'm pretty surprised he didn't get the sack, so to some extent quite impressed with his ability to keep it. He must have a golden tongue.

And while I'm clearing things up, the line about Lambert reluctantly agreeing to stay on, I imagine that is reluctantly agreeing to stay on with such restrictions in place. I don't think he wants to go anywhere and I think he wants to stay, but I think he'd like more money.

In summary

So, to end the post. The players, or most of them, can now go on holiday. Lambert can go on holiday. Lerner is on holiday and Faulkner is having seconds and thinking about thirds.

And with no buyer on the horizon for Aston Villa, we have to hope that Lambert puts some focus on the football. The football can play a big part in this, with just one or two extra players. It's not rocket science. Let's just hope he ignores who he has to and he gets the job done. Two weeks for you Lambert, then back to word chap.