Five more games to the FA Cup Final, excuses and hiding and Libor Kozák

Paul Lambert has done me a favour. You see, I've got a lot on at the moment and January and February are going to be proper busy and you know what, I could do without football this weekend. I could do with a break if I'm honest.

And I mean it. I'm writing a big proposal that needs to be finished by January 20th and it's worth a huge amount of revenue if we land it. I've got a project going live on January 14th that I've worked on for six months and in February I've got presentation after presentation followed by working groups and committees that I can't get out of.

And lets not forget the preparation work for our Google Hangout with the manager on January 14th.

And I'm not taking it out of context nor am I saying that he isn't 100% committed to the match, but he's acting as if this is a surprise tournament and that he isn't fully prepared. You could argue that he'd prefer to not be involved.

But I think the person responsible for this is the person that didn't tell him the FA Cup was coming up. But I'd like to know if we used more or less players than Arsenal this season and if they are struggling?

He's had control for eighteen months and this is his team. If they're not ready for the FA Cup, bring some players that are out on loan back that maybe are or for the love of everything, someone remind him at the start of the season that the FA Cup starts in January and to prepare for it!

It has made me a little angry

On the face of things, the only thing we're playing for is Premier League survival and we've as good as raised the white flag when it comes to the FA Cup. Sheffield United haven't and tomorrow is going to be the biggest game of the season for them. They'd rather battle and fight for some pride than go out to us.

And you know what, if they win, that might even provide them a springboard for the rest of their season. You see, winning is habit forming and if you're winning, you can play twice a week and keep winning.

If you're struggling and running out of ideas, you don't want more football matches. If you're worried and concerned about your job, you start to plant excuses and look for ways to protect yourself. I'm not saying this is what the manager is doing ... but actions and words and all that.

For me, football has always been about winning and silverware. To get to the FA Cup final it's only an additional five matches. We're out of the League Cup and we're not playing in anything else. Is this manager seriously trying to tell us that a group of players can't handle five extra matches when players around them will be playing almost 50% more in the season.

Anyway, you know I'm interested in the match and you know I'll be here tomorrow and I'll work 16 hour days during January and February to get the job done. And you know what; on current performances and corners, I'm not sure our manager works that hard to get the job done. I know the players don't. But maybe I'll find out for sure on January 14th.

Kozák out

In other news, before I leave you for today, Kozák has broken his leg and he's out for the season. This isn't nice for any player and he's having an operation today.

The thing with hospitals and operations today; they're pretty good and fingers crossed he should be back. I think based on minutes played, he's more effective that Benteke this season and he'll be missed.

But the transfer window is open and fortunately we have enough strikers to see us through this season. It's quality and experience in the midfield we need and fingers crossed, that's coming. And I hope I havne't taken this too far.