Fluff, Vlaar and Delph, three times a day and hopefully business done

It's about time another post was done. A week has passed and there has been little to write about. Sure, I could have delved into the Mansfield game, but it's a training session and I find it hard to get interested in those.

I suppose I could have spent some time on the trip to America but I find it hard to get interested in that too. I now know why Mat Kendrick looks so old and tired all the time; it's not easy having to come up with three stories a day about Aston Villa, but he does it.

I think one or two a week is about all I can handle this time of the year when nothing is going on but he's getting paid for it and I suppose, I do have standards. Us bloggers can have standards whereas reporters have to generate clicks to stay in a job these days. How times have changed.

So, I'm not going to talk about what the players have to do to get ready for the season, because it sort of doesn't matter what happens in these training sessions. As long as they get their fitness up, they might as well be playing against the ladies or the reserve team.

What matters at the moment is that the likes of Delph and Vlaar sign new contracts but to do that the club need to sell more season tickets an that is why a lot of people are getting calls at the moment. Apparently not as many people as they had hoped for have renewed.

But nobody can really be surprised at that either so expect, quite soon, the club to make big news about Vlaar and Delph signing or and this is direct from the Doug Ellis book of how to keep supporters in check; a signing to appease supporters and to get them to renew.

But before all that happens, expect lots of news about this trip to the US but remember, it's just fluff. Expect some speculation about new players and a new owner, but don't be surprised if not much happens.

The biggest news this summer will focus on those two players mentioned above. If they sign, it's going to be like two new players. If they don't, well, I'll leave that up to you to decide. Me, I'm just waiting for Stoke, because that is what matters and actually, not bringing in any more players is probably the best thing that could happen for us.

So everything that happens between now and August 16th, is fluff and I'm going to try and switch off and be alerted only when something really happens ... and hopefully something will.

And that is a post basically telling you nothing but keeping you up to date. That's what us bloggers can do. I'm going to go cut the grass.