Football betting, a little look at Leicester and hitting it early

I like football. I like weekends because that is when football is played. I like to have a beer or two with the football and if we win I like to feel good about the win and the beer. That our football is on a Sunday today is why it's a little dull today.

I've also not had much luck with my football bets this season so I've got to hope things start to get better soon or I might end up doing a Liverpool. But it's not easy today either.

I'm seriously thinking about sneaking open a bottle of gin and hiding it behind the sofa. It might keep my spirits up and mean I don't care about the bets today. .

And yes, this post is turning into a Saturday football post with nothing to do with Aston Villa and that's just because. You see I want to bet but I can see Everton or Crystal Palace winning today and I definitely think that one of them isn't going to lose. But what side and what result and how many times do I have to bet before I get it right?

I'm starting to think this pick two or three teams isn't' the way forward. I might just go back to lumping cash on single matches. I know the bookmakers don't like it when you win those and it's almost more fun. You certainly win more than you do when lumping cash on these accumulators.

A look at Leicester

Anyway, we might as well look at Leicester and Tim Sherwood said something interesting the other day; Aston Villa made a mistake in letting Marc Albrighton go. And this is very much open to debate and nobody will have a wrong opinion on this.

And I'm on record so many times in saying you have to develop your own players but I think it was right to let Albrighton go, but maybe there should have been some thinking behind it, in so much that we were letting him go for another Aston Villa player to be given a chance. Albrighton probably could have stayed at the club but Albrighton would probably have ended up as another Gabby; loved for his loyalty and three or four good games a season. The rest of the time, he'd live off those three or four games.

Albrighton needed to go to grow and Ill always look at him fondly and maybe this is finally his season. He's already scored more than Gabby.

Bets of the day

Right, because none of you have helped I did it myself. The first treble was Manchester United, Swansea and Arsenal. The second one was Everton, Celtic and QPR. IF either come in, I'll let the wife sleep in the same bed as me tonight as a treat. I'm off to find that bottle of gin.