Football, points, noise and Newcastle

You've got the Metro allowing people to write posts about why Alan Pardew should be sacked if they lose us today and you've got Paul Lambert suggesting the pressure is on the Newcastle manager.

Then you've got the club website talking about who will be the key men and why our manager will get it right ... suggesting he hasn't yet!

My point is, there is so much noise around a football match that it's sometimes hard to hear what really needs to be heard. All that really matters is the ninety minutes tomorrow.

We desperately need to leave Newcastle with three points tomorrow and there has never been a better time to play them. They're struggling and maybe our manager is right, that the pressure will be on them. But usually when that's the case, we are the side you want to be playing.

Anything can happen in football

And I'm writing this post at half time during the Saturday fixtures and results seem to be going for us. As I write this, Cardiff, Sunderland and West Brom are losing. And if the results stay like that, it's even more reason to leave with three points tomorrow.

It would be really nice if Stoke lost too, but I've just got a feeling they might get something today. Which means, I'll be putting money on Manchester City to score three in the second half. Three points tomorrow and we could be seven points above the drop and that would be quite nice and a lot closer to survival.

Did I write about us needing one point a game for the rest of the season? Three tomorrow would be very good for that prediction. And like I've written quite a few times now, there has never been a better time to be going to Newcastle.

Contract for Vlaar

And with the second half about to start, I'm going to end this post, but I'll also just mention that there is talk that Ron Vlaar is about to be offered a new contract. I like Vlaar, but I'm not convinced he's what we'd all really like him to be, but there is still time for me to be wrong on that.

And now, I'm leaving after a very long back breaking day. I feel the sofa and a cold beer coming up.