Fortune, 4-4-4, next weekend starts tomorrow

We were unlucky against Spurs. Earlier in the week I was thinking to myself that maybe we didn't deserve to win, but deserved a point. After watching back the game, if we had the fortune that Spurs had, we could have won that game.

And you know what they say, fortune favours the brave. But that has to be something that is what you're always doing and we have to continue that. We have to play against Southampton like we did against Spurs and hope that we've put enough of that into the bank to get something from the game.

There are 12 games left this season and if we continue to get just under a point a game, there are no guarantees that we're going to stay up. This means we have to win at least four of the remaining twelve if we are going to stand a solid chance.

And what that really means is it comes down to winning four and drawing four. That means we can lose four matches between now and the end of the season, if we want to be sure about staying up.

That isn't to say we couldn't stay up losing eight and drawing four. We're fortunate that we're not in the bottom three, but we can't rest on that or hope that is going to be enough. And we can't forget we have a very big match coming up a week on Sunday.

And I know I write this pretty much at the same time each season, but this is the business end. This is when the players should tell the Club people sending them what two Tweet directly after the game that they're not interested. This is when the players should be spending time after training working on extra things. This is when the players should be 100% focused on football and nothing else.

This is what winners are made of. Winners are focused. Winners do what they have to do to achieve success. There is plenty of time for having fun when this is all over for them. But you'd like to think they enjoyed playing football as much as they wanted to win.

We need to start winning matches. It would be nice if that happened tomorrow ahead of next weekend.