Friedel should learn where the line is

I didn’t see the pass back so I can’t comment, but I was disappointed that for all three goals Friedel was far enough off his line to not give himself enough time to react.

For the first goal he was busy playing WWE with a United player when, as a keeper, the law is on his side. Had he been fouled then no goal would have stood. Instead he lost any chance of being able to react to the shot, particularly as he was two feet off his line.

I was also incensed how he could’ve let Ronaldo’s lame shot get past him for the equaliser, but when I saw the replay he was, again, a good two feet off his line. That distance would probably have made the difference between saving it and just missing it.

And while the third goal was a blinder by the young débutante, I think had he been on his line Friedel may have stood an outside chance of saving it. For someone of his experience it was very poor goalkeeping for all three goals and quite possible for the pass back.

Age is catching up on Friedel I think, and while he is still a very good keeper there has been occasions this season where he has not been good enough. His experience will make Guzan and Parish much better keepers in the long-term but I am worried that he may be past his best for next season.

And the same could be said about Heskey, but that’s a moan for another post.