Fulham tomorrow, Davies concern, the manager needs more money and server move

I'm in a good mood today. I am close to the edge, but I'm in a good mood. When I say close to the edge I don't mean I'm going to go do something silly, what I mean is I am close to the edge of acceptance and when I reach that edge and drop off, there is absolutely nothing the club can do for me.

It isn't something that is going to manifest itself over the next few hours or days, it is months and it is the football that I want to see get better but part of me 'accepting' things is that for the football to get better you need better players and my acceptance level also tells me that you need money for that to happen.

But like I said, today I am in a good mood, I'm not letting football or Aston Villa get a grip and I know some of you will think it sad, that I allow that to happen, but it is something easily controlled. So, I'm not going to go into details, I'm not going to mention formation, I'm not going to rant about Lerner and lack of funds or General PR.

Well, actually I am going to mention something about General PR in a minute, because well, he is a funny little man and I am going to talk about funds, but I'm not going to rant, because for me I've thought it since day one and it is clear as day now, which is why I still find it strange that some can't accept that Lerner isn't going to spend serious money on making Aston Villa great again, he is here to try and make some money.

Shoulder That

First though, to Curtis Davies and our defensive concerns. He will find out next week if he needs surgery, but you'd have to be a blind man to see that something isn't right and hasn't been right for a long time. There is every possibility he will be out for a few months now and while there always was a need for a central defender, that need has become quite urgent now, or will Martin O'Neill play one of the younger players, we have two to pick from in Lowry and Clark.

Fulham at Villa Park on Sunday

There is a match preview coming up later. With the server move and all the work with that I've not had time to get around to it. Needless to say, it is a very important match for O'Neill, but like I said above, no mention of formation from me. I'll leave my hope and expectations for the match preview later.

General PR

Okay, some are going to see that as me knocking two people but it isn't. Krulak has a job and he's doing it, but it's clear as day that his role is PR. PR stands for public relations and that is exactly what he does.

Now, I thought the whole General PR thing a bad idea from the start and still think it a bad idea, but it is the route they've picked and it is the role Krulak has within the club and some like it, but I don't, I think it a little cringeworthy if I'm honest.

What has got me wound up about General PR though? Well, first I'm not really wound up, it's more a case of 'what really is the point' and do people really care and believe?

I read this article on Vital Football and while I know Jonathan Fear has a vested interest in Lerner not failing or actually not getting found out as a modern day pirate, there really is no "great honour" to have access to a non-executive director of the club, when it is his job.

We all have access to the club if we want it, just not many take it. Seven or eight years ago, before all the protests and before the defeat to Birmingham City I remember calling the club and speaking to Ellis about something. He took my call, actually he returned it and I told him what was wrong and he got it fixed.

Now, a bi-annual fans forum with the manager and/or owner would be a step in the right direction. Even that wouldn't be a "great honour" as other clubs already do it, but it would certainly be a little special.

The Manager Speaks

Martin O'Neill
I have enquired about a number of players. We are trying. I will use all the financial backing that I have - I will utilise that. And I will take it right up to the end. After Tuesday, you can't do anything and you are left with what you have. I will try and get players in.

We have a number in mind. We are hopeful of doing things. We might be in a position to do so too - that's the impression we have been given by other clubs. I will attempt to do that.

Well, if that isn't as clear as day, I don't know what is. Martin O'Neill is going to use all the money he has.

If he spends another £50mn and doesn't sell a player, I'll be extremely happy, as it is needed to kick on, but if he doesn't, surely the writing will be on the wall and it is a case of waiting until next summer before we see the money getting spent again.

Now, I'm off to paint the ceiling of my sons new bedroom, but I have nearly accepted it and I'm actually almost not expecting much any more and that I suspect is the reason why the attendance was so low for our Wigan and Rapid Vienna game and why Manchester City are selling out, not the economy General.

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