Fun football banter day: Aston Villa can secure Premier League survival this weekend

I've written this before, probably around the same time last season, but we we're never going to win the league and the chances of winning silverware were slim. All we really wanted to see this season was overall progression. And it didn't happen.

But the sun is shining and I've had a good couple of days with a weekend in front of me that I'm not going to work, instead I'm going to enjoy it in the garden, for parts, in front of the TV, with a beer or three this afternoon, because tomorrow is Saturday and just accept that the season is basically over.

And I know that some will say we could still go down, but with four games to go, we will pick up another point of three (remember, Lambert gets a point a game) and for the teams below us to get two wins from the remaining three games they have is about as likely as Birmingham City ... no I shouldn't go down that road.

Swansea at the weekend

So, with all that written, we have to look ahead to Swansea at the weekend and it's a match where we might very well pick up the three points, because we know Swansea are going to come at us and as long as we don't go out and try to change things, as in think we're better than them and try to pass the ball around for the first five minutes, we'll probably win.

You see, Swansea is all about doing what we know we're good at. This is the business end of the season and nobody wants to see us try to do things differently now. We send the boys out to sit back, we look to the wings when we get the ball and we hit long and hope for a quick counter or everyone running forward for the opportunity.

It's the Paul Lambert Way and we've got to not forget that this weekend. Sure, in the summer he has to try and change things, but now, he just has to make sure for those that still think we can go down, that we're not and I think everyone will agree that three points this weekend would put as officially on the line of safety and could, if results go our way this weekend, mean we are officially safe.

Video of the day

So, today shouldn't be about worrying about what could or couldn't happen. Today should be about fun football banter. Because if we look back, we were never going to win the league and the season was over before it began.

Let's enjoy the football and to get things going, a video that should make you laugh.

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