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Gabby, always happy at Villa

I like Gabby. Always have and always will. I'm not convinced he is the striker we all hoped he would be, in fact I'm fairly sure of that, but I was wrong once before so there is always a chance I am wrong again.

But he is much much better on the left and if he stays playing on the left he could be a star for us and could become, I firmly believe, an England regular.

But he's always happy

Once a season, whenever he is having a good run, we get this from Gabby. Pay me a tenth of what he gets a week and I'd be happy and I'd do a lot more.

For me, what he (Milner) did for Villa was really good and all the players that have moved on, what they did for this club was immense. But it's different for me. My family's here, my friends are here and while you can't read the future, if you say you want to be a one-club man, as long as Villa want me, I'll stay.

I'm not knocking Gabby - love him to bits, but he isn't a striker and I think he could score more goals for us supporting a striker and he'll certainly create more and as he isn't seen as the front man, it provides a certain opportunity for him that he wouldn't get as the main man.

Long live the claret and blue Gabby. Wide man of the year.