Gardner and Gabby and brick walls: I'm a reluctant Cardiff fan

You know this, but I'm writing it again; I'm a football fan first and Aston Villa is my team. I'm getting that out of the way, because I'm reluctantly supporting Cardiff in the final of the League Cup. I am also reluctantly writing that I was happy that Liverpool went through last night.

It isn't that I dislike Manchester City any less than I dislike Liverpool - it is just so annoying that they've gone and bought success and we haven't. In the case of Liverpool - it is just fun to watch that once great club competing for the League Cup.

Which is why I want to see Cardiff win - it would be the icing on the cake for me.

Gabby and Gardner

I'm mentioning these two today because both are getting a bit of exposure and I see no reason why I shouldn't further it - seeing as I've got something to say about both of them.

To start with, Gardner and the manager has said something along the lines of 'him running through brick walls for Aston Villa' and while I didn't know that, I do know he is going to be a fantastic player for us given the games and time to develop. I'm a big fan of Gardner and he should be given the opportunities.

But this manager talks a lot of blarney - so it doesn't matter what he says. Actions and all that.

Now to Gabby and I've seen he has come in for a bit of stick in the comments and I'm not sure why it started, but I will say this; he isn't a striker that is going to get you 20 goals a season - but I'd have him on the left side of midfield over Ashley Young and that I believe is where he will flourish.

He has speed and can easily get past the full back and we've seen this season that he knows how to find a player. I'd even go so far as to say that this season has been the best he has had for us, if you count just those games where he has played on the left.

I've brought up Gabby because he has said something about going nowhere - just like he did last year and the year before and just like he will next year too and you know what, I don't mind that - let him - especially if he keeps playing like he does on the left.

He is no out and out striker - but he is Aston Villa and he looks good on the left - better than N'Zogbia anyway, but meant in the nicest possible way, he was a waste of £10mn from day one.

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