Gareth Barry unhappy and I'd score in Scotland and League One, does that mean I can take the step up?

I mean no disrespect to Scottish football but given the chance Celtic and Rangers would sell their soul to play in our league week in week out. The quality is like League One, or let's call it what it really is shall we; Division Three in England.

Which is why it is difficult to watch a player in Scotland and really know if he could do the business in the Premier League. I pose the question because Matty Kendrickson over at the Birmingham Mail reckons we are following Kris Boyd.

Now, he has attributed it to sources 'north of the border' but it isn't in any publication 'north of the border' only the Birmingham Mail, which leads me to believe, 'according to sources', that this is just pure rumour whoring from Mr Kendrickson. I just hope he isn't going the way of the Howell.

The thing is, you can only take the chances that are created for you and by all accounts, Boys is a lazy git but does take his chances and that is unfortunately where it all falls down for me. O'Neill isn't going to be interested in a player that isn't going to run 7 miles a game and Boyd by all accounts, isn't going to run for a pint.

Moving on, there was a little bit of talk last night that Villa were interested in Jermaine Beckford and in my head I have dismissed it but the odds at Sky Bet are 2/1 that he will be a Villa player by the end of the month, so it deserves a mention.

The thing is, Division Three is a bit like Scotland. Just because you score in Division Three doesn't mean you are going to score in the big playground and not when you are 26 years old and have failed to make the step up so far.

So, I'm leaving both rumours where they belong for now, but they are getting a rating.

Kris Boyd coming: you could see this happening, only because when you mention bringing in proven European quality to O'Neill he looks north of the border, but chances are slim, so I'm going to rate this two out of five.

The thing is, with O'Neill, you really never know what is going on in his head. One day it is 'no players in January' and the next it is 'one or two', but I really do think this is agent talk trying to force a move to his former manager at The Clowns.

Jermaine Beckford coming: same as Boyd for me, two out of five. I just can't see it happening, but talk is O'Neill has changed his mind three times today about what he is having for lunch, so don't be surprised.

Gareth Barry not a happy chappy

Lastly today, there is talk that Gareth Barry is very unhappy and I thought I'd mention it, because well, it made me smile. The talk is Mancini isn't a fan and that Mancini sees his position as his number one priority to fill and Barry is fully aware of what is going on.

Talk is Barry wants out, fearing he will lose his England place ahead of the World Cup later this year if he is dropped at Manchester City, so his best mate and agent is on the phone and apparently on the list of teams to call, is Aston Villa. Would you like him back?

I'll leave you with that for today unless we sign someone or someone is sold or an earthquake happens or Megan Fox calls offering me private snaps of her in the the Villa shirt she found in my wardrobe when I was asleep.