Gil signs, we want our Villa back and looking at Southampton

I've not posted about Carles Gil on purpose. Mostly because you all knew it was happening and it happened and because I wanted time to think rather than just putting up a post, especially in light of the planned demonstration at the weekend.

And on the planned demonstration, I think it's important to highlight that word. It's not a protest against a specific element, in my mind anyway. It's a demonstration to show what could one day happen if things are not changed. Paul Lambert is the manager, like it or not, it's the case. The Club gave him a contract extension earlier this season, so we have to assume, as Aston Villa is for sale, that he will remain in his post.

But, this is game that we should be trying to win. And if Randy Lerner wants to really sell Aston Villa, he's going to find it easier if we're winning more games. For me, this is a demonstration to show that Aston Villa supporters want Aston Villa to be better. We want our Aston Villa back.

It feels as if the only mandate is to stay in the Premier League and as Aston Villa fans, we don't just want that. We want to be moving forward, playing the right football and one day hopefully sitting where Southampton are. How sad is that to write? The thing is, Southampton are showing it's possible, done the right way. It's not getting done the right way at Aston Villa.

Onto Carles Gil

And I like this signing. He looks like he has something about him and if there is one thing we're lacking, it's having a player in the middle of the park, that has something about him to make something happen. And it's not the final third, it's in the opposition half. You could also blame the strikers if you want, but hopefully with Gil coming in, he'll see the things they're supposed to and make things happen.

Talk is he'll play against Liverpool and fingers crossed he makes an impression, but with all foreign players coming to the Premier League, the chances are he will need time to settle and he should be given that. We'll see glimpses of his ability this season, but we should expect to see it on a more regular basis next season. Let's just hope that is in the Premier League.

We want our Villa back

Before I go, I just want to say this; even if you don't agree with the demonstration of staying outside the ground or in the concourse for eight minutes as I imagine some of you don't, I hope you would all agree that there is something not right with Aston Villa at the moment.

That should be the basis for joining in. There has been media coverage in national papers and websites and on the radio about this. And the point of it is, is to show that as Aston Villa supporters we want more. Sure, there are other ways to do it and more will probably come, but things are not right now and if we want them to change, we have to act together.

That is what this comes down to. Not if the actual way of doing it is right or wrong or it could be done better. The question you should ask yourself is; is everything right at Aston Villa and if you can come up with one ore more reasons to answer no, then that is why you should join in and show Randy Lerner and others, that we want more.

Things need to change and this is one way of showing that you want things to change. It will be interesting to see if it works, I hope it does, but if it doesn't there is one thing I know for sure and it's that everyone in the Holte End will have known about it and if it doesn't work, it's not for lack of trying.