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Glass offices, brothers and wives, Alex McLeish and professional courtesy

The end of the season is nearly upon us and I've got to be honest and tell you, I'm looking forward to it this year and I don't think I've said that before (correct me if I'm wrong). I do this time, because this entire season was a waste and a quite tiring one.

Paul Faulkner is sitting in his glass office loving that supporters get passionate about the club and put so much energy into it. He's lapping it up, because it equals money for him and control, but the thing is, he slept with his brothers wife and there are certain things you do not do.

And sleeping with his brothers wife was okay for him and he didn't see it as breaking any rule and I suppose it is only a moral or religious one, but it doesn't mean you do it.

Where he comes from plays a part

But for the record, McLeish is not a great Premier League manager and the fact that he came from The Clowns did play a part too and not just for me; 32,319 turned up for the first home game of the season against Blackburn and 30,776 for the second, against Wolves.

You don't sleep with the wife of your brother. It is an unwritten law. If you do and you get caught then you have to suffer the consequences. I don't know what the consequences are for Faulkner but I don't think for a minute he is stupid. I think maybe he is stubborn and that clouds his judgement, not stupid.

Hope and believe

So, I have hope that the club is sold this summer and we finally get the roots and branch change that was called for a few years ago. I believe we will have a new manager either way, but that comes at the end of the season and there is nothing we can do to fast-forward that. It is just a time thing.

This has really gone from one place to the other, but my point when starting the post was this; McLeish was never going to be fired as soon as we were safe, even if we had all wanted that. Out of and I'm guessing now, professional courtesy, it has to be at the end of the season, even though we go into the last game, not mathematically safe.

He'll be sacked, it will be talked about as he resigned and the story will be mutual consent - but who is going to lead the charge in finding the next manager? One thing we know for sure; if your brother had a reputation for sleeping with anything, would you leave him alone with your wife?

I knew one person would pick up on it, because they take an opposite view to pretty much everything and look to score points, so for clarity, in case anyone didn't get the reference above; I don't know if Paul Faulkner has a brother.

And because I don't know if he has a brother or not, I don't know if this brother, again that might or might not exist, is married or if this marriage, that might or might not have taken place between the brother that might or might not exist, is with a woman that that Paul Faulkner might find attractive.

The reference to Paul Faulkner sleeping with his brothers wife was to highlight that appointing Alex McLeish was, and I'm using a word here that I think works, a smear on Aston Villa and that once you do that, there is no way back. I know most got it, because of the feedback I've had, but someone was sure to try and use it to score points.

This isn't a smear on Faulkner any more than him appointing Alex McLeish as manager of Aston Villa was a smear. It will be soon forgotten when one is sacked and the other resigns. And for all I know, Paul Faulkner might not even like women and if that was the case, he'd probably only chuckle a little more than he already is at this.