Going down? Aston Villa v QPR

I made a bold prediction last week when I wrote the losing side would be relegated, but I stick by that. I think Reading will be relegated and it's sad. Had we lost, I'd not have been happy, but the writing has been on the wall pretty much all season.

Tomorrow is a different story though as I think QPR will stay up, regardless of the result. If we win, I will be more convinced we will stay up, just not completely. If we lose or draw on the other hand, I'll go back to that feeling I had before the Reading match. If we don't win, we'll be right back in it.

But a win doesn't mean we stay up and the home support is crucial tomorrow. If things go well early on and the support is positive, I'm convinced we will win. If it doesn't start great though, as in we're not firing on all cylinders for the first twenty minutes and we get sloppy, it could ruin the day. But I don't think that will happen and for a change, I'm quite confident going into a match.

But that isn't all for today, there will be a match post tomorrow, but I read something today that made me smile. A London paper, the day before we play a London side are reporting that Lerner is finding it hard to find a buyer.

The thing that made me smile was; I don't think he is finding it hard, I just think he is asking for too much. Lower your price Randy and you'll find a buyer!

That is it for me, as it's taken me five hours to write this post and I want to get it up before I lose it. Three points tomorrow and we'll win with some decent football.