Golden opportunity: There isn't a better time to face Newcastle

So, I took a few days off thinking and reading about Aston Villa and I've got to tell you, it was rather quite nice. Without the break it wouldn't have happened and with a match coming up this weekend, I've got an eye on three points.

I say I've got an eye on three points, but that's a little like I've got an eye on winning big on the lottery so I can pay off the house and take away all the worries that come with not winning the lottery or sitting on the bench for a League Two side.

And Newcastle want three points probably just as much as we do even though they're safe and even though if we win, we could go top. And when I say top, I mean top of the third tier of the Premier League.

And I'll be happy if we win. I think I'll also be happy if we don't lose. If we got a point from all of the remaining fixtures, I think we'd be safe and we need to be happy with a point again right now because we have some tough games coming up.

Which also means that three points would be fantastic and getting them at Newcastle would be quite an impressive task. It could also, if you believe the speculation, be the end of Alan Pardew at Newcastle, but I don't believe that speculation, but it does suggest that Newcastle haven't had the best time of late.

And if you look at current form, they are currently in the relegation zone and over the last six games at home they are bottom of the table while we are currently 13th for away form. This is either going to be a good result for us this weekend or the perfect time to play us.

I know that doesn't make sense, but not a lot does at the moment. I'm hoping a big lunch will help. On that, if I've missed anything of importance the last few days, let me know, but before I go.

Bet of the day

I like the Champions League when it comes to betting and today I've got a bet on Manchester City and PSG to win. £10 returns £65 - not a bad price and if you're interested, you can get it here. If it comes in, I'll put all the winnings on us to win this weekend.