Harewood on his way and the numbers start to look a little worrying

Martin O´Neill is not the quickest to act in the transfer market, we know this and while we shouldn´t be surprised, I am and I´m starting to get a little worried.

The reason we bottled it in Moscow and why we threw away our chance of a top four season was down to numbers and the only thing he had to do was go strengthen and he isn´t doing it and another rumour is doing the rounds that Marlon is about to leave.

We´ve already lost Barry and Laursen and if Harewood does leave then we are three behind where we ended the season and the manager hasn´t made a single move.

The rumour is that Hull are going to make an offer and you´ve got to fancy anything will be accepted as the player is clearly no longer in the plans of he manager.

But the really worrying thing for me is we don´t seem to be doing anything and yes, we can all wish for that day where we announce five players at the same time or just hope that it all happens tomorrow but if we should have learnt anything from the past three seasons it is that Martin O´Neill is a good man manager but bloody useless, in comparison to some, in the transfer market.

Time is running out. Our pre-season starts soon and it is a valuable time for players to get to know each other. There has to be action soon otherwise Martin O´Neill or Randy Lerner is going to have to explain why.