Has Gabby gone yet, a new keeper and some perspective

Aston Villa have confirmed the signing of Pierluigi Gollini. And hands up again, until his name was linked with us, I'd not heard of him either and while we will be told lots of big clubs were in for him, he ended up with us. I mean, given the choice of a forty year old red from the vineyards of France, I'd have picked a three litre box too.

I'm playing. But come on, none of us had heard of him and it's only because of that that we're interested.

But he's signed. Does this mean he will be first choice? I still think Brad has something to offer but only time will tell. At 21 years old there is still a lot to learn and it's not often that keepers get that good that young. But there are some and you never know.

Has Gabby gone yet?

Hand on heart, I'm surprised that Gabby is still at the club. I'm also surprised that Micah Richards is still here. I'd have thought by now that the club would have found new clubs for them or confirmed to us that they wont be taking any part in football matters for the forthcoming season.

Some matters are bigger than the club. These two have been found out. I am convinced that had these two not been part of Aston Villa at all last season, we would have stayed up. They are quite literally, a cancer. Allowed to stay will just show that they have effected the new people at the club.

But today isn't just about that.

Still early days yes

Still early days in the Xia regime but at the moment actions are not aligned to words. Season starts in 4 weeks. #avfc

— Foxy (@FoxyN77) July 8, 2016

That was found on Twitter earlier and it's worth putting here. There was a lot of talk before the new owner took over and we have four weeks until the new season. As it stands now, the talk was clearly just talk and for someone that said he's be involved, has anyone seen him about? And don't get me started on the rumour that he flew economy plus on his way over.

But I want it on record that Di Matteo has to take his time and he shouldn't rush in and that it is mostly about team mentality and the football. I'm also of the mindset that Gabby and Richards are the only two that have to go. Get rid of those two and we have more than enough in the squad to get us out of this mess but that means absolutely having to hold on to Ayew (will be hard as offers have been made to the player (at least two)), Veretout, Gueye and Traore and basically everyone else apart from Gabby and Richards and yes, there are a few that can go.

Right, that was a long way of saying that it's not about players. It's about team spirit and the football. But Gabby has conned enough managers - Di Matteo and more importantly the people above him, have to listen to the supporters on this and most don't want him. Most know.