Hoolahan, Collymore, speculation and a new playground

I thought it about time I write a post and fortunately it's not just going to be about Stan Collymore throwing his toys out of the pram, then getting them back in, then trying to reinvent the past. We've got other things and a match coming up next week.

And we've also got a new discussion playground that I'm adding to the site. I'm doing it because the comments on the site are getting a little out of control and going way off topic. But the nice thing is that the discussion part of the site integrates with the community element of the site, so if you're a member, you'll get notified of everything.

I can't stop you from talking about anything you want in the comments, but if you wanted to have specific discussions about specific topics, then this is the place to do it.

Click here for the discussion page. It's a place for you to start your own discussion and have control over it.

Red Bull

And I'm not going to mention Collymore again, instead I thought it a good time to point out that Gerard Houllier has basically confirmed that Red Bull are not interested in buying Aston Villa.

And while none of us will actually be that surprised with the news, it is, I think a little surprising, that someone asked and he answered. It's a little like asking me ... know I wont go down that road.

Sunday speculation

And before I leave you and head off to do some real work on the discussion page, we have some speculation that really isn't worth posting, but I'm going to do it anyway, you see it is Sunday and there is little else to talk about.

First up is another player from Genk by the name of Jelle Vossen. He is a striker, so that makes sense. But this wont happen because somebody at the club will be telling Lambert that this can't happen when there are already too many strikers at the club.

But that assumes that there is any truth in this. There probably isn't. So nobody is talking to Lambert about this. Time to move on.

Next rumour is Joleon Lescott and this one makes sense too because he's over 30 and a defender. He's also a Villa fan I'm led to believe and that will good enough for a lot of people. But he'll also cost a lot of money. Maybe too much money and actually, it would be throwing money away.

Wes Hoolahan

And I'm going to leave tonight on Wes Hoolahan because it's looking like the manager wants him and he wants to come and even though Holt was a mistake, this will be a bigger one. He's going to be 32 years old soon and seeing as we're not going down and we showed against Liverpool that we can play and create.

You see, Albrighton has nearly as much experience as Hoolahan does in the Premier League, unless you counting Shelbourne, Livingston or Blackpool and that is why it shouldn't be about just experience. You need quality too or proven experience. Hoolahan hasn't proven it and he'll end up costing more than Milner and Young.

We need a player of real quality for the middle of the field. Not just experience. And on that, I'm going to go play in the discussion playground.