Hoping Aston Villa don't throw out the baby with the bathwater

I read something earlier, it was a statement about players leaving, but as an 'in the know' prediction. These players are leaving, we told you so.

Well, we're quite a few players over what can be named at the end of the transfer window, so I don't think you need to be a genius or clairvoyant to make predictions that players are going to be leaving.

But it also puts all the eggs in the basket of the player. If your name is Darren Bent and you know the club want you off the books, what are you going to do?

I'll tell you; you're going to wait until the club are basically happy to just get you off the books to save the weekly salary, then you're going to go and make your money. It's a little like what happened with Nigel Reo-Coker after the punch up with O'Neill.

So, we're going to see players leave and to make that happen, there is a good chance quite a few of them will go the way of Holman; contract terminated just to get it done and that isn't really that good.

But the Darren Bent one is probably not a good example because we paid £18mn for him and the way he was treated last year and the number of games he didn't play, he was always going to go for a lot less, but think about the likes of Shay Given, Barry Bannan and Stephen Ireland.

These players could very likely leave it until August 31st. They might even have the deals done and even if they haven't, if there is a club interested and the player is too, they will just wait until August 31st if we're not willing to get it done today.

But I suspect everyone knew this or didn't care. They're hoping to get something now but will happily just let them go for peanuts so they don't have to pay the weekly.

I just hope that all of these unknown youngsters we are bringing in are up to the task because sometimes, when you've got a more experienced player on the pitch or on the bench, it isn't always about what he does, but about his influence on others.