I know, but I can't believe the new owners will appoint Thierry Henry

I have to tell you, I basically dismissed all this talk of Thierry Henry because for the life of me, I see the idea of appointing someone with zero managerial experience as too much of a gamble. I see it like we're appointing someone that had temporary control of a big Club for a few games or maybe someone that managed a big Club in say France that were always sort of guaranteed to win 40% of the games.

If we were to appoint someone that only had temporary experience, I'd write it was a huge gamble and I'd also write that appointing someone from France that has never had to worry about a team very risky.

And the reason I dismissed this talk of Henry was because I would never have thought anyone buying a football Club would know so little about the game or take such risks. Appointing Henry would be a bigger gamble than Sherwood and Garde and I still can't see it happening. But I distinctly remember putting money on Sherwood not getting appointed and I lost that.

But Sherwood and Garde were appointed by Fox and he was useless, we knew that. And that is why I'm now starting to wonder who these new owners are taking advice from because if Thierry Henry is appointed, I'm going to be very nervous and it's not what I'd see as a positive first step.

And the reasons for this are obvious to everyone. I don't need to list them because it's going to make me look silly stating the obvious.

But I have to say, I still can't see this happening, because this would be putting this season on red and I can't believe that two sensible businessmen would do this. Actually, I can, because this entire purchase is a gamble for these two and the bottom line is it's not much money for them, but they have to understand that this is too risky.

Finally and this is the crux for me, if this happens it's that they are willing to take such risks and this should scare everyone because if they're willing to take such risks, then they don't care. They can say they're custodians, but that's only because they've got to say that.

But and I'll end it here, gambles can pay off. But if this happens and it doesn't, this is the quickest way to losing supporters especially when the silent majority are very happy with Steve Bruce and understand the job he had to do was very big and to improve so drastically on his first season was very impressive. This isn't a computer game.