I'm Foxed if I know, but something has to happen at Aston Villa

I don't know what to write about the match that hasn't been written. How many times do I have to write that? It's the same week in week out these days. It feels like it's ever since Lambert took over, barring a few weeks in February and March of his first season, that I used as the basis to support him last season.

It isn't going to change. And what pisses me off more than anything is how Paul Lambert can after the match say that for us, for Aston Villa, to go to West Ham and get a point, is a big result. Paul Lambert has taken this great club and made us what we are today.

Or has he? The day we appointed Alex McLeish was a dark day for Aston Villa and that was basically the headline I wrote the day it was confirmed. I was speaking to someone the other day who actually referenced that day as when she thought it was all over for her.

She has been a season ticket holder for a number of years and this season she just didn't bother. I suspect she enjoys her weekends more. But it was the utter lack of respect that they showed when they hired him. Aston Villa supporters have a part to play too; they gave Houllier another heart attack and many sang for Paul Lambert.

In that sense, I suppose it's fair to say that not many actually know what is best. I'll say this though; Houllier was the right man and Lambert should never have been hired. But again, I've written that so many times, it feels as if it doesn't matter.

Some will think relegation is good, I don't

And the other day I wrote something about the club having thought about relegation and I got an email on the back of that from someone that said they probably have. He said it would galvanise supporters and it would, but mark my words, if it happens it will also push some away. If it happens, some will give up.

Have you ever wondered why you don't see loads of old people at football grounds? It's because most give up because most figure out that it's a one way street, even if we try and even if we love the club. they find better things to do with the weekend, like spend time with family, go to the pub and enjoy listening to the results come in on the radio or on the TV.

I don't know what to write about the result or the performance at the weekend, because it will differ to Paul Lambert. It wasn't a big result, it was basically a poor match and one that most of the West Ham fans I've read think they should have won. Take away Guzan and they probably would have.

And before I go, ah forget it. It doesn't matter what I write about Delph and Vlaar, they're off. They're jumping ship just like so many before them have. It will take a new owner to come in and give them £100k a week to stay, but if we're going to pay that money for them, I think we can get better. It's just sad that they know more than we. They know Aston Villa Football Club is sinking.