If Aston Villa win, it's another season in the Premier League, an emotional video and speculation

It's not that I'm not emotional, I love a bit of emotion and I'll prove that with my video of the day below, but when it comes to football and writing about this weekend, I've switched emotion off. You see, like it or not there is a reasonable chance we could be in serious trouble come 5pm tomorrow.

Okay, I still don't think we will go down and I'll write it again, but I think 35 points may very well be enough, but I'd be a fool to believe with absolute certainty that we are safe. If we lose at the weekend and Fulham win, we could be in trouble.

And I'm very specifically looking at Fulham as I think Sunderland will get a few more points and finish higher than us, based on current form and that Cardiff are looking like a relegated side. And I think it's too much to ask of Norwich to beat Arsenal and Chelsea.

So it's about Fulham at Stoke or us winning. Sad, I know, but it would be nice to go into the last game of the season knowing we can't be relegated. What do you think Mr Lambert?


But that is tomorrow and I don't think there is anything I can write that will take away the tension, but something that did surprise me the past few days was all the speculation that suddenly hit the press at pretty much the same time.

First, it was that van Gaal, who hasn't even taken over at Manchester United, was interested in Ron Vlaar. Then, we're interested in Hernandez, Lescott and Holtby. All this after the owner, only last month told us he wasn't going to comment on sale rumours until after the summer. Getting our hopes up.

Okay, I think all this was in the Daily Star, so it's taken with a pinch of salt, but what makes anyone think these players will come to us? Okay, maybe Lescott as he's a local lad and according to reports a Villa fan, but that's only because he's in his 30's and this would be a nice last pay day for him. But the others, why would they based on how we've played?

A win tomorrow though and I might open up the speculation floodgates. But I'll do it in the group set up for speculation and not here. And before I go, did you know that if The Clowns lose, they're relegated again. That would make a great weekend for a strange reason.

Video of the day

But I shouldn't let this get to me, but it does, so instead, video of the day. And some emotion as promised.