If Dean Smith resigns or is sacked, not many will be surprised

I've written about why Dean Smith is my manager and I have to start this post with I don't want him sacked. But let my next sentence be that I wouldn't be surprised if he was sacked and if he was, the person that makes that decision might be thinking that the time is right.

And if someone comes to that conclusion, it's going to be very difficult to argue that they've made the wrong decision or that their logic was wrong.

On December 14th I wrote that we needed six more points from the 12 available in December and we've now had those four matches and only picked up three. And we all know that the three we did get was fortunate.

Today we conceded two goals against ten men. It was shocking stuff and their first goal, when it was eleven against eleven looked like something from a Sunday League match. How many times do we have to lose to ten men before spending some time in training on what to do against ten men?

And why do we buy a striker in Wesley and never player to his strengths? Okay, that isn't entirely true, we did play to his strengths once today, but I honestly can't tell you the last time we've done that.

But it's not just these things. In the Championship, you can argue it's as much about energy and quality of individual player. But in this League, it's about having a strategy and implementing it. Each thread of that strategy has to also be easily implemented based on what has just happened.

I honestly don't see a strategy or plan other than 'give it to Jack' and what good is that when he's out wide on the left? I'm fairly certain that we don't work on new things in training and I write that because I've seen nothing new this season.

I'll tell you what I do see though and that is eleven players that want to play for the manager and will run every ball down for 90 minutes. And that give me hope.

And I also believe, maybe naively, that Dean Smith will figure this out. I'm also worried that it could be too late but then again you all know my views on the Championship and how last season was the best season many Aston Villa supporters have ever had, but that's another post.

I also don't know what will happen. Dean Smith has just been awarded a new contract, which baffled me at the time, so I'm not convinced the CEO is going to be willing to go to the owners and say he made a mistake, instead he'll say the right things or the things he thinks they want to hear.

Yes, never been a fan of a CEO spending as much time talking to supporters like the current one does and claiming success for himself.

On the other hand we've got owners that have a sports background and will probably look at what has happened with other clubs and feel this is the right thing to do. And it might be. But hopefully not to let John Terry have a go. These owners have the ability to get someone big in, that has proven in this League or another top flight League that he can get his team to play a certain way and to win games.

It's sad to write this post, especially after what Dean Smith did last season, but our football is predictable and dare I say it quite basic. And if that doesn't change, we will be relegated.