I'm in trouble for this but there is football tomorrow

I have to be honest - I'm not inspired by much at the moment when it comes to Aston Villa and when I read what the manager had to say yesterday, I'll quote it below, it really just further felt like a kick in the nuts.

Right from the top, we've got no ambition. Our owner is more focused on making money and the manager has as good as thrown the towel in, three games into the season. What exactly has changed since Lerner took over? Honestly, when you take away all the debt and PR, someone please tell me.

There are so many reasons to this, it isn't just the comments from the manager yesterday or the letter from Randy Lerner focusing on the money league - they just add to the misery. If you've read the quotes or if you read them for the first time in a moment, you might think it is a bit harsh - but add it to everything else that has been said and this is the important part, it actually isn't impossible.

Don't get me wrong, the easiest way to do it is to throw money at players, but it isn't the only way and if we are never going to pay our players what they are worth - not what they can get elsewhere, what they are worth, then we will never, under that reasoning move forward - in fact, the chances are we will go backwards.

Another nail

Alex McLeish
We can't compete with the super clubs, there is no doubt about it. Everybody in football, no matter who it is, has their price.

Look at Cristiano Ronaldo. Who thought he would ever leave Manchester United but there was a price ultimately to pay and Real Madrid met that price and it is the same at every other club. Arsenal met the price of Barcelona for Cesc Fabregas.

It is not an area I want to discuss at length, but time and time again we've said we are looking to get the finances on an even keel.

Now, I have no doubt I've taken his quote out of context and that I haven't got it all, but did Jürgen Klopp think like our manager at the start of last season? I bet you my mortgage he didn't. Nobody gave him a chance at the start of last season and look at what he achieved and without having to spend millions upon millions on players that were actually no better than the players he had brought through the ranks.

Don't get me wrong - I have read what he is saying and I understand what he is saying, but it is a defeatist attitude. How about, instead of talking about how we can't compete or how players will go for the cash, we start talking about the importance of having players that have a connection with the club and how that will hopefully play a factor when they make decisions in the future.

How about, instead of bringing in a player on loan and playing him, we actually put him on the bench to act as support for one of our own players, who has come through the ranks and wants to win for the club.

The season is lost already. This season is over. As for players having a price - not everyone does, but I admit, it is easier to pick two foreigners that came to this country as examples, because we are all stupid.

Everton tomorrow

So, until the owner finds us a manager with passion and determination and a will to succeed, under the hardest circumstances, all we have is the football and well, what do you fancy the result will be?

I think the safe bet is a draw, but there is just as much chance we are going to win or lose. The odds below will tell you what the bookmakers think. I'm now going for a sit down - I need the rest, but thankfully, there is football tomorrow and it is all about the ninety minutes.