Is Lerner going to sell and retain a stake in Aston Villa, a question to you and the fixtures are out

I started writing this a while ago. Then went back to it and tried again. The truth is, there is not a lot to talk about. The fixtures just came out today and we play 38 games next season and exactly half will be at Villa Park.

Joe Cole is surprised at how much copy has been created from a twenty minute conversation and Marc Albrighton is surprised at how much media work he's got to do to get Leicester City fans to believe he's the next big thing.

Other than that, I could stretch a yarn or two about Thomas Hitzlsperger or we could look in on the archive, but that seems a little done too.

What happens when you can't sell your house

But before I get to the question, there something else worth considering and it's all about the sale of Aston Villa. You see, I've heard rumours that the price for the club is now basically what someone is willing to offer, because there is no interest.

I know there was a story recently about how the club was now on the market for £200 million but if what I've been told is true, Randy just wants to sell so he's willing to listen to anything 'sensible' which might open the door for him retaining a stake or and this is the interesting part, remaining as a creditor, in effect getting his cash and then a monthly payment for as long as it takes to pay off, but linked to the club.

I'm not sure how that would work, but you never know. Randy might sell, but he might be on the books for a long time to come. A bit like Gary Gardner.

Question of the day

So, seeing as I'm not going to write about Thomas Hitzlsperger but there is actually a chance I'll jump into the archives, what would you like to site to focus on for the summer?

It's just a simple, what should we do until something more interesting comes a long type of question. If you've got any suggestions, message me here or leave a comment below. And in Randy we trust.