Is there really a twelfth man at Villa Park and what have you got to lose in finding out?

If you read the blog and you have a good memory, you'll know I'm a believer that the home supporters at Villa Park really can make a difference to the performance and result of a match. You'll also know that I don't often write about it.

I've written it a few times, but as someone that can not get to Villa Park week in week out, I tend to shy away from it and don't mention it as often as I maybe could, because I don't feel as if I have the right. I also don't comment when the atmosphere isn't what it can be, for pretty much the same reasons.

Even when I do visit Villa Park, I don't mention it and as of late, with my ever deteriorating eyesight, I tend to sit as close to the half way line as possible and standing up singing 'my old man ...', doesn't go down that well with supporters sat near me, so even if the atmosphere is poor, it doesn't get a mention, because hands up, I'm partly to blame then too.

If I one day move back to Birmingham, buy a season ticket and attend matches for five seasons, then I might mention it, as I'll feel I can, but right now, I don't, even though I know it makes a difference.

Mad isn't it

But today, an idea was sent to me and I like it, scrap that, I love it. I love it for so many reasons that I'm putting it out there. It also isn't mine which makes it easier as it deserves to be heard and with our next home game ten days away, there really can be no excuses other than apathy, if it doesn't come off.

The idea is a simple one and from this idea, maybe something can develop. If you have an idea that stems from this, leave a comment below. If you work at the club, talk about this at lunch, think about what you can do to help and promote the idea. If you're a connected fan - spread the idea and ask for feedback.

The idea is this; get into your seat at Villa Park for 2.30pm on Saturday March 19th, bring your singing voice and get ready to bring the house down.

Before you think me mad, think about about what a former manager once said.

Ron Saunders
With your usual vocal backing and 110 per cent effort from each and every one of the players I am sure we will get the right result.

Then, think about matches in the past when the atmosphere at Villa Park has been electric and think about the result. I am telling you now that if this happens, as one, we will win against Wolves. If we make the away team fear us before they have even stepped onto the pitch and wonder what they are walking out to, they will bottle it before the ball is kicked.

But it doesn't end at kick off. It goes on for another 90 minutes and if you're at Villa Park, you sing for 90 minutes so when you're in the pub or at the checkout at Tesco or at work on Monday and unable to speak, they will know why.

Hard as nails

Yes, this is easy for me to write. Even easier because it isn't my idea, but what have you got to lose? Let me ask you this; when you leave Villa Park and we've won how do you feel? Then reverse the question and ask yourself how you feel after we've lost.

Then ask yourself this; how do you want to feel on Saturday evening after the Wolves match?

I'm telling you now, if you get there at 2.30pm and you're in your seat singing and smiling, the club will do something. It maybe won't be spoken about or promoted, but if this idea picks up momentum and other things come from it, the club will be ready for you and they won't just sit and watch.

But, this isn't my idea, so like I said, it is easy for me to write this. The email actually came from a regular visitor to the site called Matt, but I'm not going to tell you his username unless he wants me to or he does below, but it really is a very good idea and like I wrote above; what have you got to lose?

For one day only

So, for one day only, put aside your views on Houllier, the football, the substitutions and the tactics. For one day, get into Villa Park for 2.30pm, create the atmosphere that we all know is possible and then trust that you have done your part and then put your faith in the elven players on the pitch.

If you do your part, I have a feeling they will do theirs and then what have you lost?