It ain't that bad, a lesson from Leeds and Southampton next

You'll like this. I wrote a post and then deleted it. It really happened. I didn't leave it to be published later or at some stage in the future, I closed the tab and I lose it forever. It was a wonderful post. Instead, you will get stuck with this one. I'll do my best to recreate the lost post, but it wont nearly be as good as I've only got 30 minutes to my next call and it's a busy day.

So I'll start with the obvious. We knew how Leeds were going to come at us and we were simply not prepared. Sure, we could have scored a couple of goals and yes, we created a few chances. The run from Grealish could only have been better if the shot went in or he passed to Ollie. We let ourselves down.

But, we're third in the Premier League after 15% of the season and if we win our game in hand we go top, two points clear. Things are pretty good. But we do need to win next time out and we need to do it by any means.

And by that I mean, we can win 1-0 having defended for 90 minutes as long as we win.

And we have a nice break now. We can use this time to get our house in order and prepare for Southampton on Sunday. And the win on Sunday is going to be important because if we don't win, then the dream is over. That is fairly dramatic to write, but right now the dream is alive. If we don't beat Southampton, we'll be able to look at that match as when it ended for us this season.

That isn't to say that we wont do well this season. Doing well this season is finishing higher than last season and I suspect we will but we could do much better and how Leeds played against us is pretty much what we have to do in every single game this season if we want to do really well.

As the manager said after the match on Friday, it's how we bounce back and we will find out on Sunday. I'm hoping the bounce is three points because that is the most important thing right now. Three points and a performance to be happy about is the icing on the cake. But again, we're 15% through the season and if we won our game in hand we'd be two points clear at the top. It ain't that bad.