Aston Villa is the Jerry Springer show and some of our supporters are the guests

There is a reason they call it silly season. And I have to find a word or phrase for some of the people I see on social media. I’m sorry and I shouldn’t bite and I should just ignore, but I’m not going to.

I mean, is nobody asking why we are getting, every single day, a new press release from our possible new owner? Honestly, is it only me that thinks this is strange? Is it only me that is concerned by some of the names getting connected to our new owner?

And yesterday, the press release is that he’s going to be buying more clubs. Honestly, is nobody wondering where the money is coming from or in fact if there is any money and if there was, why does there seem to be a need to talk about having the money every single day. Surely, this isn’t going to help keep prices low for all these new players he wants to bring in?

I'm sorry for stating the obvious, but if I want to buy a new car, I’m not going to call the dealership first and let them know I’ve just won the lottery. If I want a new car, I’m going to the garage looking for the best possible deal. I haven't made my money by giving it away for free.

And this is the thing that makes me smile; I’d not be surprised if in three months people are accepting this as just another Randy Lerner campaign to sell season tickets. And I don’t think it is, I just think it’s someone desperate to sell (selling at 25% of his original asking price) and accepting anyone that is willing to pay something.

Look, I may be wrong and I’d love to be wrong, but if he’s got the money why is there a need to do all these press releases to try and convince us that he’s got the money? Don't actions speak louder than words?

And you could say it’s not a press release and it’s a story from the local press – but do you honestly think that the local press are investigating? I can tell you this and our new possible owner will know this; the local press are desperate for clicks and to be fed stories before anyone else, is what they love. He could tell them quite literally anything and they’d probably publish it and put a smiley face on it with a 30 second Vine.

But this is where I’ve bit and I'm sorry. If you don’t believe that Tony Xia is going to the moon and setting up a colony this weekend, you’re negative. You’re not a realist or logical, you’re negative. Negative is the new fickle and you know what, it’s probably why I shouldn’t read social media.

So many Aston Villa fans want, no scrap that, need to have news every single day, it’s a little like day time TV.

Aston Villa fans on social media have become a bit of a joke and if the deal goes through, we’ve either got a charlatan as a new owner and I'm writing that on his actions, or we’ve got someone that is going to, and we have to believe this is the other option because he’s said this himself, buy success just like Manchester City. And you know what, none of us actually want that.

I suppose those supporters at the end of the season are really getting what they wanted and I am just sorry that I don't believe every story that people want me to believe.

In other news

I should also say that now that Newcastle have confirmed Rafa and Derby have Pearson, I think it's fair to say that it's going to be tough next season and we're probably going to need actions over words and scarf waving.