It's about Jack, again

There was a lot of talk last summer and the summer before about Jack. He had basically signed for Spurs and Manchester United. But he didn't go to Spurs or Manchester United then and I suspect he's not going to go anywhere now. Or I should write, I hope he doesn't.

And I don't think there is a single reason why I don't think he will, but I think the stars are aligning and Aston Villa is his Club.

Don't get me wrong, Jack could leave and it would likely be accepted by most as something he has to do to win silverware. But there is a gamble in going and he and his people will know this.

We've seen players leave their Club in the past and it not work out for them. Sure, if it is Manchester City he'll win silverware and a medal or two, but will they really be his medals?

Will he play every game and really contribute to the success of the side? I mean, they win every year so what would make Jack think that he was really contributing or that the medal really was something he earnt?

I also don't think he wants to leave for money. He has more of that than he will ever need. And it's all of these things that make me think he isn't going anywhere.

I should probably qualify also what I mean by 'not work out' and by that I mean that sometimes when a players has left a Club like us, they have not always become the player they could have become.

And Jack has so much potential that he will factor this in. And he and his people will know that the possibilities at Aston Villa are far greater than anywhere else. Greater admittedly because we have further to go, but there are mini achievements in that journey that are important to a player and he will be aware of that.

Those mini achievements are also not things he'll get at a side like Manchester City or Manchester United. Sure, he'd get them at Spurs or Arsenal and definitely with us, so there is something in that too.

I'm just not convinced, in fact I know, that winning a medal at Manchester City where they are going to win it anyway, is going to mean as much as if he won something with Aston Villa. And I believe our owners can and want to build a team around him. At Manchester City, he's a gamble and if it doesn't pay of for them, it doesn't matter.

And our new owners are playing a hugely important role.

They are building a very good side and not rushing, but they are aggressive. They've also got the right experience and they clearly understand that putting trust in people is important. This I believe will all resonate with Jack, because he has seen and felt just as much as us in the past few years. He will know this is different.

Maybe I am naïve but I like to think that the game has got to a place now where it isn't about money and that it is becoming a little more honest again and by honest a little more about what you can achieve as a player. And when I listen to Jack talk about Aston Villa, it's not like any other player, it's like one of us.