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It's about taking control, points and Blackburn

I shouldn't laugh. I also shouldn't keep apologising for my lack of activity because I think you all know I'm going through a busy patch at the moment. And don't worry, this will change back one day soon and you'll be fed up with me again.

But until then, you have to make do with the odd post and I suppose it's only fitting to save the best to last and instead start with the 3-0 win against Middlesbrough. And I have to start by saying it wasn't the most thrilling of matches, but it was again, very controlled.

And controlled isn't a bad word. I love the word control. And I like it even more when you actually see it in action. At no point did I think we were not going to beat Middlesbrough and it's because we were in control. And it was all over the pitch.

We're finding our form and composure at exactly the right time. And this is why I'm excited about the rest of the season. It feels like we can win every game right now, if we want to. And wanting it is also important.

Points are more important

You know where this is going but if you didn't, Birmingham City have been deducted nine points for breaching profitability and sustainability rules. Now, we shouldn't laugh because this isn't nice and it can happen to anyone. But that it happens to them, why not enjoy it.

They wont blame us but you've got to wonder why only nine points. Why couldn't it have been just a few more. I mean, even the gods want to relegate them.

Blackburn at the weekend

And with that written and the comedy football over, we look to Saturday and this Saturday we have Blackburn at Villa Park. To put things into context, Blackburn sit two places above Birmingham City and haven't had the best of seasons.

But we didn't beat them in September, but I do seem to remember it was quite a decent game. Maybe that is me just hoping, but the highlights are below and I'll watch them now.