It's bleak but I'm hopeful and a highlight of the season video

After the Everton match, I posted something on Twitter that it wasn't over. Twitter went a little mental. Twitter isn't what it used to be. Or maybe Twitter is what it's always been. Either way, it isn't over, but things are looking bleak.

Bleak because Bournemouth are doing better and they have to play Southampton and Everton while we have Arsenal and West Ham. Bleak because our goal difference is bad and to go into the last game of the season with some real hope, we need Bournemouth to lose tomorrow and us to win on Tuesday. We need too many things to go our way.

So I accept that the chances of relegation are high, but I hope that things go our way. Bournemouth and Watford both play before we play Arsenal on Tuesday. We have time to hope. But I should talk a little about Everton, because we did look better.

And by better I mean we played with more purpose. We still lack something in the final third, but that's because we slow things down and we allow the opposition to get back. This isn't new news for any of us and maybe it's the quality of player or maybe it's that they've not played enough together. It could be many things.

But had we played with the same purpose all season, we wouldn't be where we are. We've gone into too many games hoping to not lose and we are paying the price for that now. You can't do that in the Premier League. And this also isn't new news.

Had we played like this from the start of the season, maybe we'd be better at it. It's to little too late.

But it's done now and we have to see what happens between now and Tuesday evening. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a highlight video from this season.

Highlights from season