It's Non-League Day tomorrow. Go watch football as it should be at Paget Rangers

Every autumn, during this international break, football supporters all over this glorious land of ours are encouraged to visit a local club and watch a game. So I've sort of taken it upon myself (I say sort of because Josh Smith should take all the credit) to promote Paget Rangers.

For £1 tomorrow you'll be granted entry into the Trevor Brown Memorial Ground in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, given a raffle ticket with a chance to win a copy of Football Manager 2016 and entertained by The Professional Trickster. And while I've no idea who the The Professional Trickster I do know that you can't get that anywhere else for a quid.

And it's a stark contrast to watching a Villa match and I have a feeling, if you go to support them, it will likely be more enjoyable too. The football is more often than not direct and this doesn't mean hoof-ball, it means you're less likely to see the ball passed around the midfield and defence until it reaches the keeper ala Aston Villa versus Stoke City.

Goals galore

And from what I'm told, there are some quality goals scored too. Tom Howard scored a screamer for Paget against Earlswood Town in the Les James Cup and you can't even find it on YouTube - you've got to have been there to be able to tell your grandchildren. Tom Howard, take a bow son.

And talking about goals, there isn't a lack of them in Non-League as followers of Paget will tell you. The Bears (the club nickname if you didn't know) recently thrashed their Non-League Day opposition, Knowle FC, 6-1 in the Presidents' Cup. Not long before that they came back from a 3-0 deficit against Chelmsley Town to draw the game 4-4. These are the type of results, if you're an Aston Villa fan, you're only going to see at Bodymoor.

And did I mention the price? It's bloody cheap. Chips at Villa Park cost more, which incidentally will also be discounted for Paget's clash with Knowle tomorrow.

It's proper football

And Non-League doesn't mean standing around a field. Paget's home ground has a stand and if you'd like to, you can stand without a steward telling you to sit down. Am I making this clear for you; tomorrow is a day to celebrate what football was and should be. Tomorrow, Paget Rangers want to break their attendance record and you can play your part.

And if the above wasn't enough to make you want to go; the beer isn't overpriced either and it doesn't come in plastic bottles. At the Trevor Brown Memorial Ground you can buy a pint for around £3, and you're given a glass or if you want to take it outside a cup.

Now, Josh would have me write that you should take a break a from the dross of Aston Villa, and go watch football at its purest level. Me, I'd prefer to tell you that the people that run football have ruined our game and this is the best thing you could do to experience football as it should be. This is the type of match that you should be taking your son or better still your grandchild. Maybe one day he or she will be telling others about that day they saw Tom Howard score.

Kick-off: 3pm

The Trevor Brown Memorial Ground is located a short walk from Wylde Green train station and has car parking facilities. Click here for directions<7a>.