It's not over yet and a big day tomorrow

So, Everton was "must win" and we didn't. We came close though and it was nice to see the team play with a little purpose. I know the manager will say we've played like that all season, but we haven't, not really.

Nobody can say we haven't given 100% but there is giving 100% and wanting to drive forward and giving 100% and sitting back a little too much. If we give 100% tomorrow and play like we did against Manchester United until we were cheated, Crystal Palace and Everton, nobody can say with any real certainty what will happen. I'd feel comfortable saying that we will stand a good chance.

And with Bournemouth not getting maybe what they deserved against Southampton and Arsenal finding themselves in the FA Cup final and nothing much else to play for, some might look at this match tomorrow as an opportunity for us.

And this is going to sound strange and while winning is obviously what we need, even a point tomorrow could be enough. We will know before kick-off because Watford play Manchester City a couple of hours before us and if they lose, then a point is little difference to three points for us, because we will still need to beat West Ham.

Sure, we can look at it the other way. Watford lose tomorrow and we pick up three points, then it's possible we could lose the last game of the season as long as Watford concede a hat full of goals in the next two games. My point is, if Watford do lose their next two, we only need four points to be sure. But Watford have new manager syndrome, of sorts and we don't know what will happen.

And if they do beat Manchester City, I might just leave the pub early and go drown my sorrows somewhere else. But even though I write this, it would obviously be better if we didn't need Watford to lose against Arsenal on the last day of the season, especially if we can beat them tomorrow.

In closing, tomorrow is a big day for us and as such, I'll be at the pub for both matches. Hoping it will be a good result in both matches.