It's not really in our hands but we do need to win on Sunday

So here we are, going into the last weekend of the season knowing that we could win but still be relegated even though we're not in the bottom three. It's a strange feeling and it's going to make for an interesting Sunday.

Me, I'll be going to the pub that I've been going to for all the matches recently and I'll be eating the same hot wings I eat and drinking the same drink I've drunk. And I'll be watching three matches at the same time.

And because I wrote what I did above, I should also mention that we could lose and stay up. It really isn't in our hands, despite what everyone else is saying.

But you've got to fancy if we could win by two or three, against a side that are playing for nothing, it gives us the best possible chance of staying in the League because Watford have to go to Arsenal and they're going to want to win and Bournemouth have to go to Everton. But Everton are playing for nothing too and that is why it's Bournemouth that makes me the most nervous.

If Watford lose and Bournemouth win, we need a point. We don't get the point and Bournemouth pull off a spectacular end to the season. It's not over yet.


I've long written that I'm not a fan of Trézéguet and I mean that in the most general way. But there is no disputing that he knows where the goal is. He has essentially saved our season if we stay up and that is worth noting. I'm not sure it's worth him staying.

I think if we've learnt anything this season it's that we are lacking in certain areas and one of those is out wide.

But the team performance against Arsenal was again, something I've not seen much of this season. But we did see it against Manchester United until we were cheated, Everton and Crystal Palace. We need to see it again on Sunday and hope that it is enough.

And it was every aspect of the team performance. Not many teams have managed to keep the Arsenal shots on target this season to zero, if any.

I'll be back on Sunday morning, maybe even Saturday night if I can't sleep.