It was more than a joy and Jack, just Jack

We beat Arsenal because from the very first minute we wanted it more and we didn't let them play the way they wanted to play. And wasn't it a joy to watch.

I often write that football isn't rocket science, but you do need the players to be aligned on what they have to do and how they have to do it. On Sunday evening, every player was perfectly aware of what everyone else was doing and was responsible for. It was more than a joy to watch.

I have to also write that Jack looked as if he was on a different level and different by a long way. It wasn't just that he was better than every other Arsenal player on the day, it was like he had choreographed the match and had them dancing to a different tune.

And because of that performance and result, things look good at the moment. It was nice to put the Leeds and Southampton performances behind us and I hope a lesson was learnt. And we all know what that lesson is.

But now we have another pointless international break and we have to wait ten days before playing Brighton. But there will be another couple of posts before then, but I just wanted to write something about the weekend and why it was so nice to watch. The post that follows may also cover VAR, because it has to go or be fixed.

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