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It wasn't a penalty, but I'm not sure it changed the game

Paul Lambert isn't happy with the first penalty decision yesterday and in fairness, the linesman got it wrong and you know what, there is every chance we could have gone and got a goal, but I don't think so.

If we put ourselves in the real world for a minute and look at the numbers, it becomes quite clear. We've won two games this season and that gives the manager a 17% win rate. We've got a loss rate of 58% - did anyone really think we were going to get anything else against the champions yesterday?

The manager speaks

What I'd far rather hear the manager talk about is what he thinks about finding us in the relegation zone after nearly a third of the season, not a decision that we all know was wrong and using it to mask the inevitable.

That is never a handball. Nowhere near. How he's called that I don't know. It was absolutely ridiculous. That's never a penalty. It's not touched his hand. It's not deviated in its flight whatsoever. There were no appeals from City because it came off the City player's head. I have watched it back. How he call that at an important point in the game? He's got to be 100%. I am 100% sure it wasn't a penalty. It's wrong. It's the wrong decision. In big games, you've got to call these things right and that was definitely a wrong decision. It's come off the City lad's head. As I said, you've got to be 100% sure with big moments. If he's 100% sure of that, what an eyesight he's got. Nobody appealed. Bizarre! It's a big moment. You have to call it right and it was certainly the wrong decision. I am not happy about it. If we are asked to come and speak to you [the press] then sometimes so should they. I just think that was a wrong decision.

We were eighth last season after twelve games, with the worst manager this club has seen in a very long time and it was clear as day he was the wrong appointment from day one.

I'm not saying Lambert was the right appointment, but if he was, he is going to have to do something about it soon, because Premier League survival is vital and finding ourselves in the relegation zone with Arsenal up next isn't a nice place to be.

Keeping up with the Joneses: A quick explanation about this post, it's what I'm calling an opinion post and there are going to be a lot more of these, but they are not going to feature on the home page of the site. The thinking is that there is a lot of things going on around Aston Villa and instead of having a nice big post on the front page of the site, we can add these as and when and it doesn't need to be War and Peace. We will leave comments on, but as it isn't going to be a featured article, there is every chance it wont get picked up by everyone.