Jack, Jack, Jack

It's happening and I guess I'm not surprised. I mean, there is no loyalty in football these days and it's only about getting to the top of the game. I guess we are just going to have to accept it and fall on the 'he had to test himself at the highest level' line to make ourselves feel okay with it. Even though all of us would walk over broken glass, we'd do the same. I think?

And I say 'getting to the top of the game' because it's not about the team or the match or the battle these days, it's about joining the current big squad, playing a role and having the lifestyle that follows you. It's just different at the top of the game these days. Soulless.

Or maybe it's not actually happening and maybe we should know better, especially after the last two summers.

Maybe and I feel this is possible, Jack has already told us how much he loves the Club and how much it means to him to play here and how important it is for him to win stuff with his team and this Club that he's not going to tell us again. I think he's just focusing on getting ready for the season with his Club and having a laugh at all this.

Some of you will call me naïve to think this way but I don't think Jack wants to go and play a bit part for them and become just another former player. I really don't think he does. I think he knows what he has here and he knows he'll be number one here for as long as he puts on the shirt and he knows that if he stays and he does get to bring that silverware to Villa Park, there will be statues.

And I think he really does love football as much as he says. And because he does, he'll really know what he has here. And while I think Jack is great and I think he can go on to have statues outside Villa Park of him, he's still got a way to go and it's not going to be easy at Aston Villa. And that is another demonstration of the man for me.

He has to believe in everything that his happening around him and he knows it's not the easy road. He also know though that it will be better winning with us in so many ways. He ultimately knows if he leaves, he'll maybe play half of their matches next season and that the Club would have won silverware without him.

And while I'm sure there has been some contact between all parties I also think that Jack will do things the right way. If Manchester City have made an offer, it doesn't mean Jack has agreed to anything, it just means they want him and they want us to accept it, because that is how it's done.

But Jack understands we have to accept it first and if we don't he's an Aston Villa player. And I think Jack would love seeing us turn down £100 million for him, because he'll be able to tell us again that he loves this Club, that he wants to win silverware with his team and bring it back to Aston Villa.

That's what I think but I know nothing. However, if you were to be reading social media this afternoon, you'd believe it's a done deal. I just don't see it in Jack so I'm positing the reasons why I think Jack is different.