Jack, quite literally the lad, Richards and speculation

This is going to get some press this week, so I'm starting with it at the top and it's about Jack Grealish and his night on the town. And here is something that probably wont alarm anyone, but am I the only one that thinks this is pretty much what a 19 year old should be doing during the summer?

Okay, not all of you might have done this, but a lot of you have and it's almost a passage every teenager has to go through. And sure, this isn't the first time it's happened with Jack, but let's not forget his age and that he should be allowed a life and that he has probably had a fairly stressful year to far.

I mean, when most of us grew up there wasn't cameras on mobile phones and going out and getting carried into your house was basically what happened when you were with your mates. Nobody knew about it the next day because that was the way it happened.

But times have changed and when it used to be that players would go out every day after training and have a few pints, that isn't considered the right thing to keep fitness levels up, but all players are out having a drink every now and then as well as getting drunk every now and then and also doing other things that they maybe shouldn't be doing.

And sure, maybe he should have done this in private rather than on the front page, but that comes down to the club not educating him in how to do it in private and not supporting him by providing the private facilities for him to do this.

It's what 19 year olds do

And you might think I'm stretching the employee employer relationship a bit, but I'm not and this isn't going to be the last time it happens and the club should recognise this especially if it helps him relax and unwind. Loads of players get up to this; most just don't get caught and to a large extent, most only get reported in the local press, so we don't hear about it. With Jack, it's always going to be different though.

But it's not just Jack Grealish this week. There is going to be talk about Benteke going to Spurs for £25mn with Andros Townsend coming in the other direction. It's just speculation and I know Townsend has done well, but I'm not sure.

However, he does play in a position where we need a player and £25mn is a lot of cash. But I can't see Benteke wanting to go to Spurs It's Chelsea or bust for me.

There is also talk of Micah Richards and from the way this has developed, you'd have to guess this is as good as done. And if it's going to happen I suspect it can happen very soon, but don't we have to wonder what will happen to Hutton, who had a fairly good season.

Sure, Richards is still only 26 years old and he's going to get better, but why only ten matches for Fiorentina and why can he not even get a sniff at Manchester City?

But the rumour I want to leave it on is the one that has us paying £15mn for Vardy. And I'm literally going to leave you like that. I don't know what to say to it. Clearly a drunk reporter dreaming something up to see how far it can get. It's going nowhere.

The Randy Lerner saga continues

But that's not where I'm ending it; I've got a feeling something is going to happen quite soon and it might be that Lerner puts a deadline on any sale happening to see if anything really is going to happen. I think he might be willing to give it another season, if and it's a big if, the right buyer can not be found.

I think Lerner is a man of principle so I think if he can't get the money he wants or truly identify the right buyer, he might just close the book and roll the dice again for one more season. But it could also be that we have a new owner. Who really knows?