Jack the lad, Adebayor and player from Barcelona

I'm in my fourth week of a summer break and start full time again next week but it's not been the best break. There hasn't been a single day when a work email or three hasn't come in or the telephone hasn't rung or something arrived on my virtual desk that for one reason or another couldn't wait (even if it is). I write this because I'm officially back in the office or some airport next week but I'm absolutely exhausted.

What I need to do is take a proper week off where there is no internet or phone signal and I write this because even though I'm tired, I bet our manager is too. I mean, how much of a break has he had? Yesterday he met with Adebayor and there are more stories today that even more players are potentially coming.

And if these players are coming that we're reading about, you've got to ask the question; what is going to happen to the likes of Grealish, Gabby, Westwood, Clarke and Baker if it turns out that Sherwood does manage to bring in an entire new eleven. I fall on the side of competition is good and if the likes of Grealish are good enough, then they'll break through anyway.

Jack the lad

And I just want to talk about Grealish for a moment, because this is his season to shine. And I know he's still only 19 and some will think he's got time, but he made an impact last season and as Aston Villa fans we've had far too many prospects fail to make the grade after a lot of hype and we know, from this first hand experience that if they don't break through when they've been given the chance, it usually never happens for them.

I don't want to put any pressure on the lad, but he'll be 20 years old in a few weeks and so many players by this age have made a name for themselves and if Jack is to become the player we all hope he can be, then he has to do this too. For the record, I think if he gets given the games he'll show us that he's more than capable, but I also accept that there are areas of his game that need work but it's how quickly he works on those that will prove how good a player he can one day become.

But Sherwood has this reputation of giving younger players a chance and because of that I think he'll stick with Jack, because if it works he'll prove to be a man that gives players a chance and he'll look good doing it, but if it doesn't he's not going to lose. If you know what I mean.

A winger from Barcelona

And finally, it has to be mentioned because it's Barcelona, but we're apparently interested in Barcelona winger Adama Traore. According to sources of ESPN. He plays on the right side of midfield and I think it's fair to say that is the only position that the manager hasn't purchased a player for this summer, so maybe there is some truth in it.

We'll find out soon, but he might just end up at Stoke.