James Milner, the ringmasters from East London and Spurs swoop

The World Cup kicks off in 16 days and England beat Mexico last night in maybe not the most convincing of performances, but you can only score three against the team in front of you and Mexico are a decent footballing nation. They're not Clowns.

I'll tell you who are a couple of ring masters though; the owners of West Ham and if there is a West Ham fan that thinks he knows better, he should start asking questions before believing the hype and bluster.

However, one thing they will not want to do, so soon after taking over at West Ham, is sell the only player they said isn't for sale and that is probably why Scott Parker will not be joining Aston Villa this summer and why West Ham are probably not looking at Jamie O'Hara as a replacement for Scott Parker who is been lined up to replace James Milner who is been lined up to replace Gareth Barry who is been lined up to replace William Conrad who sadly passed away in 1994.

Spurs swoop

Now, it isn't really a swoop but two players that seem to have been overlooked by Spurs manager Harry Redknapp in the season they finally finish in the top four are up for sale and apparently, he has 'sounded out' Martin O'Neill and we might be about to make an offer.

Now - if the £15mn that was getting thrown about at the weekend for Robbie Keane included Jermaine Jenas then it might be good business but you do have to worry a little bit. I say worry because this was the season Spurs did it and they sort of did it without the two players that have worked harder than any other two over the past five years.

They both played but they do both appear to not be in the managers plans any longer. Does that mean they might be able to do it for us or should we be going for the type of player that has pretty much replaced them at Spurs; Defoe and Modric. I know who I would prefer, but that is just me.

James Milner

The lad did well last night didn't he. On the left I'd like to add also and if anything, it is likely to make Manchester City even more determined but at the same time, Martin O'Neill more determined also.

I believe the players have a couple of days off now so if anything is going to happen before the World Cup, it will happen soon. I for one hope it does happen and I for one hope that Lerner has flown over and is going to sit down with the player today and convince him that he wants to challenge at Villa; in essence make money available for the manager. If he doesn't, Milner will be off if he really wants to be off.

Right. 16 days to the World Cup. I can't wait. I'm now going to watch three matches from yesterday. What a life; football all day.