January speculation, in for Nursey, football first and Wes Hoolahan

Sometimes, I don't understand why things happen. And for the love of everything football, I don't know why this speculation linking us with Wes Hoolahan is getting anyone remotely excited.

First; is this what it's come to? A 31 year old player nearing the end of his career, currently on the treatment table at Norwich is all of a sudden the saviour of Aston Villa. And this when what we actually need before anything else is the football to improve.

And lets not forget that all this talk of a number 10 player from the manager is a good six months after many were saying it was the only thing we needed after the way we ended last season. And from a manager that it's fair to say has wasted a lot of time bringing some players to this club and has let better ones leave.

Anyone that plays in the position that Hoolahan plays in can do a job for Aston Villa but I'd question if he has the quality let along the experience the manager says he wants. His CV is made up of stints at Shelbourne, Livingston, Blackpool and Norwich.

There are better options

Now, if you want to talk Defour, I'd say he has the quality and experience and would be a good risk and actually worth the investment as you're going to get a few seasons out of him. Spending money on Hollahan is like paying someone a bonus at the end of the week when it's their last day.

Why don't we go after that young lad at Palace that put in such a good performance against us; Barry Bannan. Or there is a player in France getting a lot of praise from his manager and it's exactly the type of praise that suggests he'd be great for us.

He is an experienced player, positive and generous, It is such big help for a young team as ours.

That was Frédéric Antonetti talking to L'Equipe. He was talking about Jean Makoun. My point is, he's the manager of Aston Villa and he doesn't have to like everyone, he has to do what is best for the Football Club and not himself.

And what is best for the Football Club honestly does not include Wes Hoolahan. And before I get stick for this; we've got a gaping hole in that position. James Nursey could do a job for us in it.