Owner on Twitter, John Terry and next season speculation

Someone tweeted something about our owner and his tweets, so I started a post a while back, but didn't have the heart to finish it. Then there was that photo of John Terry and Steve Bruce and again, I didn't have the heart. But I like John Terry and not just for footballing reasons. He's a lad and I like lads.

But the season will soon be upon us and it does seem like such a long time since I posted. I thought now might be a good time to post something before I take my summer break, which will be a month this year!

And it's going to seem like bleating in places by some and blind optimism by others, while I suspect only the sensible will understand by the end. You see, I'm not just accepting that we're a Championship club, I'm embracing it. Vive the Championship!

And I think when most supporters start to embrace that that is what we are, we're going to start to enjoy it more. I'll be honest, while last season was a disaster because we didn't bounce back and let us not forget who is to blame for that, it was different and at no point did I think we were going to get spanked. There was always a glimmer. But as I've written a few times in the past, we weren't exactly challenging in the top flight and at least we've got a real chance next season.

And most that will read this will know what I mean when I write about going into a season with a real belief of winning something. It made the summer more interesting because back then, there wasn't this clamouring for multiple signings, it was always about getting the right player. Now we're in the Championship, with a squad capable of winning it, it's all about the right player.

Sure, Gabby and Richards have to go and others are going to, but the players we have at the Club today could get us promoted. So it's about strengthening that. It's about strengthening and not renovating. It's also about having our comedy owner get off Twitter and letting the football people deal with football matters.

Some of you might think this is great. But so many are laughing at us. He's even celebrating passing the FA test. Christ on a bike.

Look, there is nothing against him personally but I am embarrassed by him and it's not this single action, there are so many. I don't know how he managed to pass the test and considering he is celebrating it on Twitter, I suspect he doesn't know either, or will he be celebrating how he managed to sign his name or take a dump later?

And yes, that was the bleating part - but try to stand back and look at the bigger picture. And look at everything. It's a comedy of errors.

John Terry

I've got to touch on this for a moment, you see I've written that I quite like John Terry above. And I do. First, he's a decent enough footballer and he is. He really is. But he's also a proper lad and you know what, if you're around my age you'll know what that is, if you're older it's just someone that got good at something, didn't have to work like our parents to enjoy life and has taken advantage of it. If you're younger, I don't know what you will think, I suspect some of you will think it not good.

But John Terry is also a brand and it's that brand that can help us. I also get the impression, on the pitch this is, that he doesn't take fools too easily or defeat. We have some fools at our Club and I suspect he'll smell them out very quickly despite their years of practise in hiding it.

You've probably guessed, but I'd love John Terry at Aston Villa. But it also doesn't have to be him and in fact, I think we could get a little younger and better. It's the calibre of player and the exposure it will bring to our Club that we need. You see, he or a player like him, will attract others. That he can play a bit, is a bonus.

Summer speculation

So, leaving John Terry to one side for a moment, this is me writing again that I'm not getting involved in the rumour mill again. I did it for so many seasons that I can confidently say it's not worth it. John Terry aside, he's been pictured with our manager on two golf courses, I'm not even picking up the papers. But I will be waiting for when the Club announce something and I will be speculating on the day that Gabby and Richards go.

And now that that is all written, I look forward to the season starting. If we win the first three, we'll have a real belief. We've for sure got the right manager in now and if he's allowed to do his thing, his way, with a limit on the number of players he is now allowed to bring in, I firmly believe we'll go up next season. I'm not sure what good that will do, but I think it can happen. And when it does, we'll have more to make us laugh or cry from the owner.

And many will put it down to him, but most I hope, will know it had nothing to do with him. And before I forget, the ones that will be most vocal about disagreeing with me on this are the ones he has in his pocket. Not the ones that can take an independent view. But, that I trust, most will see and lastly, any news on the live streaming for overseas fans?

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