Just one more England game to go, then back to proper football

Sorry if I'm making that sound harsh, but England matches are pretty much a waste of time. Even if we scrape through the qualifying rounds, the tournament will be a joke and we'll probably only make it through the group stage because it's the European Championships.

And when we do, we'll lose to Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France or Portugal. And that's if we're lucky. Chances are we'll lose to Scotland.

But that is just the joke that is the England team. We've got Liverpool at Anfield coming up.

Liverpool at the weekend

And this is the first real test of the season and Liverpool isn't going to be easy. They won 16 of their 19 home games last season, but we're one of the sides they didn't beat and we've done better against Liverpool of late.

But Saturday is going to be tough. But we've picked up some points this season and hopefully that confidence will continue. We need something to carry into this game.

Me, I think it will be what Roy Keane brings and the experience. In essence; everything that is new this season. But my confidence only goes as far as believing we'll put up some fight. It's going to be interesting how we play.

We can't play like we played the second half last time out. We have to go out to win this game and if we've learnt anything from last time out and Liverpool at Anfield last season; when we go into the lead, we can't sit back and try and defend it.

Sunday is going to be interesting. Win and the positivity will explode. And in 90 minutes, everything is possible.