Keane to be appointed, Gary Gardner to take his chance and stories of money

Part of me feels guilty that I'm not offering up posts every day for you, but it's only a little part and I probably wrote that last summer too. There is so little going on that is Aston Villa news, that I find it hard to make things up, just to generate the traffic. So, sorry but also, not really.

That doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on some of the things are are happening or some of the things that are getting said or written.

So, I'll touch on the story doing the rounds that Lambert only has £10mn available to him this summer (which includes wages). First, because it's just a story and I'd not read too much into it and second, because there is a sale coming.

A sale is coming and the appointment of Roy Keane might actually help that, it will certainly bring some much needed coverage for the club, but with 'for sale' signs up everywhere, it's going to help if we bring in that player or two that can really make the difference.

Funnily enough, Joe Cole could be that player (and I wrote that before others did), but there is a huge risk with Cole that he'll get injured in his first game and be out for a few months. We need the real type of player and that is going to cost money. Probably the £10mn with salary and that is why the story about having £10mn is just a story.

It's just a story because Lerner knows what needs to happen because Lerner isn't stupid. His CEO might be, but that's another post. We'll spend more this summer than £10mn (including wages).

Gary Gardner

Moving on, Gary Gardner and Callum Robinson signed new deals a while ago, but the club told us yesterday. Robinson has a bright future but for Gardner, it's no longer about potential, he has to come good. He's 22 years old and has had a horrid time of late and we're getting reports of him training hard, but all that matters is he does the business on the pitch.

I feel somewhat confident that he'll get his chance this season, but he has to take it. I believe he can, but that belief is blind. None of us really know and so much is based on PR generated by the club, but from what I have seen, there is a spark, but the Premier League is a beast and not all are up to it.

I really do hope Gardner becomes that player for us. He has the potential and this season will be his opportunity.

Roy Keane

And on that and because I've mentioned him above, there is talk the Keane appointment is about to be announced. I for one think this is going to be a good thing for so many reasons. I think it puts Lambert in a strange place, but Lambert must be giving it his approval and that will take balls.

Roy Keane will bring something that I'm not convinced Lambert has. I'll not say what that is, but I think we'll see a difference in the way the team plays if it happens. It will come down to keeping the ball and not making silly mistakes. Keane wont allow that.

And on that note, I'm off to cut the grass. I'm on holiday at the moment, but that doesn't mean the grass doesn't grow.