Lambert talking in riddles, like a man that knows his fate and logic trumps results

It's the Saturday before the slaughter. That isn't me suggesting Lambert is going to get slaughtered, it's what happens in a far off place on a Sunday. With a goat. If there is any connection with Lambert, it is merely a connection and nothing more.

We've got lots of players who can score goals.

But rather than look at Spurs today, I want to look at Paul Lambert, because I'm starting to think he's sounding like a man that knows his time is nearly up.

That quote above is from this week and while it's easy to accept that we have lots of players that can score goals, or eleven for that matter, because they're on the pitch, we all know he's not referring to the amazingly obvious.

So what I'd like to know is, who exactly are these players he is referring to? Who in our side, other than Benteke, has demonstrated that they can score lots of goals? I think Lambert has entered that phase of saying things hoping that people will believe them.

More than just a few defeats

And I know I made a think about the five defeats and no goals. But that isn't all that Paul Lambert has brought to the table. He's broken records all over the place for us and I think this is why he's started to talk in riddles.

Under Lambert we've had the worst start to a Premier League season, most goals conceded in a Premier League season, most defeats in a Premier League season, most consecutive games without a clean sheet and most Premier League home defeats in a season. And the latest, the five games with no goals is in his third season.

It isn't getting better and if the club don't do something to fix it or Lambert all of a sudden has a magical turn around and things start to happen for him, there will be more records Lambert can take credit for this season. The thing is, Lerner and Fox probably think that if they give him enough time he will get it right, but I'm not so sure the supporters will give him the time or more chances.

And I don't think it matters if we beat Spurs, I think we've gone past the stage of everyone thinking it will be okay after one win. I think Lambert has to win five in a row for people to start thinking things are going to work out for him and I don't think Lambert has ever won five in a row, so why would it start to happen all of a sudden for him now, at a club that is too big for him?

Lerner and Fox are a couple of smart men

It isn't going to happen for Lambert and I think the only logical decision Lerner and Fox can come to is that Lambert has to go. The longer it goes on the more serious it will be and I'd not be surprised if it happened soon rather than later.

This is just me making an assumption but if Lerner and Fox haven't yet figured out that Lambert is the idiot in the room, Aston Villa is in a lot more trouble than any of us would like to believe.