League Cup Quarter Final: Norwich v Aston Villa

Carling don't sponsor this blog, but if they did. Sorry, it's not Carling anymore is it, it's some credit card company and anyway, it's the League Cup and always will be.

And it's a game away from the semi-finals and call a spade a spade, but this game, as in football not this particular match, is all about winning and this is bar far the easiest way for us to win some silverware this season .. or any season for that matter, so we have to take it seriously.

An important match

So, it shouldn't need mentioning how important this match is and it isn't as if there isn't a chance. There is always a chance and a few of the bigger sides are already out. You could say we actually have a half decent chance as things stand now, even with a match tomorrow.

And tomorrow it's Norwich. Not exactly a team that we should be that concerned about right?

Sure, they've got a few points on us, but in the bigger picture we know what is happening to them in two or three seasons time and we know that we are better right now and that we know that we should win tomorrow.

And don't let anyone tell you different and don't believe the bookmakers. They have Norwich as favourites but if you want my advice get on the 5/2 that Paddypower are offering as quick as possible, because this game is ours and we're going to be playing in the semi-finals.

Confidence is a good thing

I know that last paragraph was maybe overly confident, but we have to believe in something. I believe we will beat Norwich. I believe if we cant believe we are going to beat Norwich of all teams then we are much further from where we really are than others think.

But, there will be some that say it is a tough place to go and there will be a pundit or two that will try to tell you that Norwich are the favourites but remember, not everyone is as sensible as me.

In other news

This 'in other news' section is me reading from the headlines and apparently Ciaran Clark is impressed with Darren Bent and warns us to not write him off. In response, I say wait to see what happens in January.

The manager is also braced for a return to Norwich tomorrow. For £2.5mn a season, I'd also brace.

There is a £5 gift bonus from the club and right before Christmas. This is nice. They want you to spend and why not - it's all about revenue generation and who wouldn't want an Aston Villa themed present for Christmas? Go spend, but don't worry, you're not costing the club, they'll get it back off you.

And lastly, Shay Given is going nowhere apparently. Again, I'll wait until January, but I suspect this is actually true because I suspect nobody is going to give Given the kind of contract he has with us at the moment.

So, until tomorrow. I bid you a fine afternoon. I'm going to get ready for some football later. I love Monday night football.