Leeds on Sunday, not so dirty, FPL and a video

It was always coming back and by this, I mean proper football and isn't it nice. I have a thought that one day, when footballers have earned so much money that they don't actually care, international football will be gone. That or football will essentially be a modern day Rollerball.

But enough about a favourite childhood film, it's all about Leeds on Sunday and this a very important match. We've taken a step forward, Leeds is the next step. If we don't win on Sunday, it could be that it's a case of one step forward and one step back. We need to win this match.

We need to win it because there is a chance we've turned a corner. But we will only know with three points. And even then, we're still in the corner, it's about staying there for a few weeks and proving that we've turned it. After Leeds we have Forest, Chelsea, Fulham, Brentford and Newcastle and there are points for us there and we'll feel confident, if we beat Leeds.

And I think we will. I'm an optimist at heart. I think we have turned the corner, but it's also too soon for me to say for sure we have. We need a very good October and I think we can have it. I think if we end October with 12 more points, we can say we've turned that corner.

I'll be back on Sunday. Now I need to sleep.

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