Leeds tonight, a look to the future and match facts from the BBC

It's been a few days and I can't remember what the last result was. I know how to find out and if I think about it for a minute, it will come to me, but right now as I write this first paragraph, I don't remember and it doesn't bother me. I know dirty Leeds are coming to Villa Park tonight though and that is all that matters right now.

Or is it? I mean, it's only a match and win or lose, does it really matter today. Is football just about the 90 minutes or is it about something more. I'm seeing and reading lots of positive things about a lot of youngsters coming through at the moment and many out on loan and the future seem very bright. And by bright I mean we have reason to be optimistic.

And as we're not going to win the League today, this season or the very near future, shouldn't we try to take a longer view and buy into that? I know it's not what the Club want, but who are they to dictate to us?

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to tonight but I'm also looking to a time when the game breaks. A little like Facebook and everything they own leaving Europe. It wont happen, but wouldn't it be nice if they did. We all know the game isn't going to get broken, but we'd all like it fixed.

Anyway, that's my moan over and as they say, in other news ... Trezeguet has joined Istanbul Basaksehir on loan for the rest of the season. He wont be back and while he saved us a couple of times, he was never good enough for this League and his theatrics were a few years late.

And that isn't it, there must be more and I'm sure there is, but I have a call starting in twenty minutes and I need coffee. Until tonight.

Match facts from the BBC


  • Aston Villa have won only three of the past 15 league meetings (D6, L6).
  • Leeds, who triumphed 3-0 at Villa Park last season, can earn three consecutive away league wins against Villa for the first time.

Aston Villa

  • They have taken 16 points from 10 league matches under Steven Gerrard (W5, D1, L4).
  • However, only the three promoted sides have lost more games this season than the 11 by Villa.
  • Aston Villa are one of three teams to have scored in all of their Premier League home fixtures this season, alongside Liverpool and West Ham.
  • Philippe Coutinho can become the first player to score in both of his first two Villa Premier League home appearances since Carlton Cole in August 2004.

Leeds United

  • This is Leeds' 4,000th league match. The last four teams to reach this milestone as a Premier League side have lost their 4000th game.
  • They have lost four of their past six Premier League games.
  • Leeds are vying to win consecutive league away fixtures for the first time this season.
  • The Whites have only conceded once in open play in three Premier League games in 2022.
  • Marcelo Bielsa's side have conceded 20 goals in their last seven league matches, as many as in their first 14 of the season.
  • Raphinha has been directly involved in 25 goals in 49 Premier League appearances, scoring 14 goals and setting up 11.